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A collection of 8,888 Shibas from the Shiba Shelter 🐾
On the Ethereum Blockchain. Hosted on IPFS. Only 0.03 ETH each. 🐾

Percentage of proceeds and 30% of ongoing royalties to shelters around the world!

Adopt Now (0.03 ETH) 🐾

The Collection & Gallery

The Shiba Shelter is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated Shiba NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. We've created Shiba Shelter to provide assistance to real world non-profits focused on finding homes, providing support to, rescuing, and preventing cruelty to dogs around the world.

Our Shibas are your keys to voting for our regularly-occurring donations. 30% of all ongoing royalties will be donated via community-nominated, and DAO-voted, monthly distributions.* 18Ξ to be donated upon full sell out.
We like to think of our collection as a PFP collection with a purpose (PFPWP)


Read About Our Traits


At 1,000 Shibe Sales
3Ξ Donation to Community-Voted Shelters

1 ETH Donation to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home
1 ETH Donation to Sterling Shelter
Remaining 1Ξ Donation to Community-Voted Shelter at 1,000 sales
At 2,000 Sales
3 ETH donation round, Snapshot vote for holders to choose 3 charities
At 3,000 Sales
3 ETH donation round! 10 random shibe airdrop to existing owners
At 4,000 Sales
3 ETH donation round! Shiba Shelter owner merch giveaway (printed with their shibe)
At 5,000 Sales
3 ETH donation round!
At 6,000 Sales
3 ETH donation round! Beginning of merch store for all!
At 7,000 Sales
3 ETH donation round!
Also: We miss the shibes, and want to bring some back into the shelter..
3 ETH will be allocated to rehoming them (buying back from secondary market)!
At 100% Sales
5 days of donations to shelter partners, Snapshot vote for holders. Beginning of new initiatives!
- After 100% Sales -
Shiba Shelter meetups (doggos allowed!)

Nifty Gateway priority exploration

Verification on OpenSea, Rarity.Tools listing
Expansion of team to have Shiba Shelter ambassadors to onboard shelters to crypto

Expansion of team to include extra web3 dev, social media shibe

Exploration of a Shibone ($SBONE) ERC-20 token for holders

Special 1/1 holders to have exclusive access to team for ideation and creative
control of derivatives made exclusively for them (must hold the 1/1 for more than a month)


Shiba Shelter Community-Nominated


Contribute to the conversation on our Discord, and Twitter! We actively are engaged with our communities there, and will take the top suggestions and place them in the next DAO monthly vote.*

Community Vote via DAO


Simply visit our Snapshot DAO and vote below when votes are live. Each Shiba NFT held from The Shiba Shelter will entitle you to 1 voting power.*

Make a Difference with The Shiba Shelter

Make a Difference

30% of all royalties generated from our sales will go towards these donations.* Let your Shiba represent your contribution to giving back, and empowering non-profits around the world.

Non-Profits On Current Donation List*



As our team is all local to Vancouver, Canada, we will be desiring that the first donation be made here as we can best engage with their teams!


PAWS Chicago logo

PAWS Chicago

PAWS Chicago is the Chicago's largest No Kill humane organization, focused on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless dogs and cats.


Sterling Shelter logo

Sterling Shelter

A non-profit/no-kill animal shelter without time or age restrictions providing humane sheltering in Sterling, MA.


Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home

Founded in 1883, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home has been caring for lost and abandoned dogs and cats in Edinburgh and the Lothians.


Best Friends Logo

Best Friends

Best Friends Animal Society is the largest no-kill Sanctuary in America.


Hope for Paws Logo

Hope For Paws

Hope For Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues dogs, cats and other types of animals suffering on the streets or neglected in the wild.



Donated So Far 💖

Do you know of any local dog shelter to you that needs funding help? Please contact them to support adoption of ETH-based donations, and we'll add them ASAP to our monthly donation rounds as a nomination. The above list are currently the only shelters our team were able to find that accepted ETH donation (they must accept ETH donations as we need to prove immutably that our donation went to their team.

Additionally, you can drop the name of the shelter near you in our Discord #charity-ideas chat, and we'll work on our end to try to get their team to adopt ETH donations!


How Do I Adopt a Shiba?

Head over to the adoption page below! Connect with your Metamask, and adopt away. Each shibe is 0.03 ETH, and there is no limit to how many shibes/wallet.

How Do I Join the Community?

Please stay connected with us via our Twitter or Discord. Please keep discussions civilized and wholesome so we don't disturb other Shibas in the Shelter :)

What Charities Will We Support?

The Shiba Shelter initial sales will incorporate a total of Ξ15 donated to non-profits chosen by the community via Twitter or Discord, as well as a 3Ξ donation to a local shelter of our team's choice (likely BC SPCA). These donations will be all made possible from a 100% sold out collection! Monthly donations will be nominated in the community Discord, and voted on via NFT holder DAO votes.*

How Will Monthly Donations Work?

30% of all royalties from our sales will go towards charitable donations at the end of every month after the initial sale of the collection. This will be then distributed to the top 3 shelters chosen via the monthly DAO vote (50%, 30%, and 20%, respectively).*

Each Shiba holder will be entitled to 1 voting power/each Shiba.

What Inspired the Shiba Shelter collection?

The team at Shiba Shelter loves all pets, but most of all: dogs. Having had fostered puppies, and dogs in need, primarily rescues from Mexico brought over to Canada for re-homing, we discovered that shelters are non-profits that are in dire need of financial support. We're also major fans of DeFi, and wanted to combine both passions to somehow facilitate charitable donations to shelters in need.

Founder Team

Shiba Alex

Alex | Founder

Twitter logo black
Alex is our Project Lead in charge of strategy, smart contract development, web development, partnerships, marketing, hiring, and roadmap fulfilment. He has been in the digital content and marketing industry for over 5 years, primarily for one of the largest automotive companies in Canada.
Shiba Shelter Janet

Janet | Founder

Twitter logo black
Janet is our Artist. Without her, our Shibas wouldn't be able to help non-profits around the world. She's been in the digital art industry for over 2 years, and in the traditional art space for many more. She runs an e-commerce store featuring similarly cute animals.

Community Team

Shiba Shelter Terrance

Terrance | Community

Twitter logo black
Terrance is our Community Manager. He's been in the digital marketing and social media space for over 3 years. In his free time, he's a badminton diehard, photographer, and is attached to engaging with communities in Discord.
Kylime's Shiba Shelter

Kylime | Mod

Twitter logo black
Kylime is our first mod, and a valued and loved member of the Shiba Shelter team! She loves Spongebob and the Shiba community, and we love her too. Her signature trait was a bubble fur, an inferential reference to Bubble Buddy.
DYO's Shiba Shelter

DYO | Mod

Twitter logo black
DYO is our second mod, and a very early member of our community. He's helped shape the community as it is today, through his hard work and wholesomeness, and we love him for it. His signature trait is a nod to his time in the medical field in the Philippines.
Zong's Shiba Shelter

Nels | Mod

Twitter logo black
Nels is our third mod, and another loved member of the team! Nels loves his Pepper, and his partner. He's a huge foodie, tech, and finance shibe. His signature trait is a nod to his floofer, Pepper, who he deems a Princess, hence Princess Pepper!
Shiba Lindsay


Twitter logo black
Lindsay is Alex's life partner, and lends an amazing helping hand to the project 💖

Stay In Tune With Our Community!

Join our Discord below, and chat with members of the Shiba Shelter today.

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*Ongoing donations are subject to the longevity of the project, and the demand of the collection in the secondary market. Monthly donations will take place as long as there is at least 1Ξ in the royalty wallet from collected royalties, and may be subject to change in terms of the amount and the distribution percentage to the nominated non-profit(s). There will be a re-assessment of the monthly royalty donation program after 1 year post-launch, which will be put forth to the community of holders. Non-profits on our charitable list may be subject to change, and are no necessarily indications of corporate partnerships (as these often require an upfront cash donation), but rather is an indication of our intent to donate funds to their shelters.